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What is a clean break in divorce?

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If you have decided to end your marriage then you also need to decide the:

  • Who will keep the children?
  • How the house will be divided?
  • How the money will be divided?

These are the common things that you must consider before applying for a divorce. Moreover, you should also have grounds for divorce to clear your broken relationship. Now, once you have applied for the divorce from one of the best Divorce solicitors in maidstone then several other terms must be considered like:

  • Can your ex claim the money after remarriage?
  • Is divorce means a clean break?

If your divorce is under processing then taking a clean break is a very important step as there will be many financial ties between you and your ex-partner. A clean break means that neither you nor your ex can request money from a partner in the future.

What is the meaning of a Clean Break Order?

It is a kind of financial count order by which your finances are separated from your ex. After this, you don’t need to financially support your partner.

It may be quite strange but once your divorce is finalized, you still have financial commitments with your ex. Although this thing can be awkward it is true. It means that at different points in the future, your ex can demand money from you.

This fact will not affect you when you are a common man as you might not have sufficient money to give but just imagine, if you start a successful business or get a promotion. In that case, your ex can claim money even years after the divorce. Sometimes, it can happen in case even if you got remarried.
So, whatever the situation is, if you have not got a clean break from the court, then your ex is still able to claim a share of your assets.

The process to get a clean break:

With a clean break order, you can get properly rid of your past. The most popular and easy way to get a clean break is to get consent from the court. Then the court will decide how your assets and finances should be split legally. It will also confirm that you have a clean break and your ex can-not claim share.
In case, if you have not assets or money to divide, then also you should apply for a clean break so that in future if you get money by any means, he or she can-not claim.

If you want any assistance for clean break order or divorce, get in touch with the best divorce solicitors in Maidstone. And in case, if you are residing in the UK, and thinking, “Lasting power of attorney solicitors near me“, then you should not worry as Daniel Francis is here to assist you with the services of years of experience.

Why it is important to have a clean break?

A plethora of people think that if they get separated then there will be proper breakup but unfortunately, it’s not true. According to the law of the UK, the couple needs to settle down financial commitment. It means if one person becomes successful even after decades, even then his/her ex can claim a share of this. No matter, if the couple has not spoken to one another for a long time.

Who are capable of a clean break?

This is required for the couples who are going to separate and don’t having any joint assets to share. In this situation, you might not understand its importance but it is essential for a secure future so that ex-partner can-not claim anything even after remarriage. Probate solicitors Kent can help you in getting a clean break.

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